Rework Your Work Space

April 8, 2020

How's everyone hanging in there?  I don't know about you, but I'm still adjusting to staying at home and managing my workflow from a new environment.  And what about those of you who have always worked from are you adjusting to being sequestered after 5pm?  I'm of the mindset that change is constant and the better we adapt, the easier it is to change.  Here are my top 3 ideas to better manage working from home and maybe, just maybe, making it a bit more enjoyable!


I'm not saying you need to go full force Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, but there are certainly some good tips in this book.  Start small by tackling sections of your office space.  For example, keep all your note pads in one section, all your writing tools in another and all technology accessories in a separate area.

These organizers from Umbra are clean and modern.  I like the natural element of the bamboo, but also the sleekness of the black organizer.  There are many options to choose from based on your personal tastes.

Image Source: Umbra Toto Jewelry Box (Left)      Umbra Hammock Accessory Organizer (Right)

I also like this modular desk organizer from Ugmonk, called Gather. It neatly stores the items on your desk and has customizable configurations to work best with your style and workflow. Remember though, if you go this route, keep it to a bare minimum.  Seeing clutter is proven to be a distraction and negatively triggers our brains.

Image Source: Ugmonk


As in purge, with ruthless abandon.  This means everything you haven't looked at or utilized in the past 6 months.  Clearing clutter helps you create space to work more efficiently and enables you to bring in items that make you happy.

Image Source: Keep Calms


Take little breaks to get fresh air, take cat naps, meditate, chat on the phone with friends and family, or cook a nice meal.  All of these things help clear your mind and when you have a clear mind you are more productive.  If you can, work outside!  This is my current set up combining my office space, (notice the stand up desk, also a plus!) private yoga studio & outdoor dining space.  Work with what you have, get creative and make it enjoyable!  

Image Source: Shanna Shryne Design


A designer can be your best friend when it comes to pulling all your ideas, needs & desires together into one space.  Say you love the color navy for example, a designer will figure out where to place your favorite color based on the furnishings, finishes, accessories, and art within your space.  Does the desk need the color or maybe it’s the sofa that gets a pop of color, maybe it’s both?!?  

Image Source: Kelly Wearstler (Left)        Arteriors Home (Right)

This sofa and these end tables were inspiration for a current office redesign.  We are painting the built-in desk navy and balancing the saturated color with two accent tables.  Other design elements chosen for this space include a quartz countertop and floating shelves for both fun and function. Don't forget about the ceiling!  An organic and neutral colored grasscloth is timeless. A wallcovering adds texture and an unexpected custom feature .

Image Source: Shanna Shryne Design

A head honcho and very respected client of mine was looking for a simply gorgeous office.  There are a few points of focus in this office such as the chandelier and bold drapery pattern. Notice the detail of the window shades blending perfectly with the custom color of the built-in cabinets. 

Image Source: Shanna Shryne Design, Photography by Lauren Pressey

The only constant is change.  We will weather our current storm together.  Hang in there, be safe and stay healthy.

Shanna Shryne

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