Home Bound & Happy

March 31, 2020

Many of us are facing the new reality of working from home, eating all of our meals at home...playing out all our activities from home.  Adaptation is key!  Here I will share a few ideas to help create a comfortable home that will keep your spirits uplifted.


And by life, I mean plants and lots of them!  Go overboard with leafy, long, trailing and colorful plants.  They provide texture and color.  Science tells us that plants boost mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity.  They reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats, and colds.  Additionally, they clean our indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen! Put simply, plants breathe life and health into your spaces.

These amazing light fixtures by Wren are a brilliant, dual-use of light and life.

Image Source: Warmly Decor

Do you crave art and plants in your life? The clean design of these vases by Umbra are fabulous.

Image Source: Hakar


Go plush or go home...wait, we are home!

Have endless abandon and go overboard with all types of textiles.  Rugs and pillows are some obvious choices, but also consider softening your spaces with textural wall hangings.

I love this layered rug look from Foreign Rooftops. 

Image Source: Foreign Rooftops

Vita Bohme’s wall hanging is a favorite of mine.

Image Source: Vita Boheme Studio


“Odors have an altogether peculiar force, in affecting us through association; a force differing essentially from that of objects addressing the touch, the taste, the sight or the hearing.” 

-Edgar Allan Poe, Marginalia

Candles have a double benefit of giving off light and smell.

My signature candle is an amazing blend of wood, sage, and coconut.  I happily worked endless hours to create a scent pleasing to all five of our senses.

Your home is your sanctuary and now more than ever it is important to feel comfortable and inspired. Shryne Design is here to collaborate with you on your interior design wants and needs.  Check out our new virtual design consultations booking page.

I’ll continue to see you online,

Shanna Shryne

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