Classic Design Meets Eclectic Flare

October 13, 2021

Home design is an extension of personality, a way to outwardly represent what makes you feel most alive. Some people take that as needing to be wholly different at every turn - for each element to scream, “you don’t see this every day.” I prefer subtle suggestions that make each home’s inhabitants people you’d want to be friends with.

I love finding a way to merge classic design with eclectic and individual touches. In this single family home, we married classic elements like Crystal chandeliers and exposed wood beams with personal design and personality touches, specifically highlighting this family‘s profound love of music. There’s a world in which the widely accepted design elements and your colorful personality live in harmony and this is precisely where I come in.

Just take a look at my most recent project - an East Coast, rock and roll family moving West and embracing the California lifestyle. Their stunning abode is a brand new construction that’s a coupling of classic beauty and distinctive personal touches. With a gifted musician in the family, my mission was to weave music and colorful personality throughout the house without going overboard.

Take this lounge for example. The room itself is simple, with clean white walls and a crystal chandelier. The furniture is a blend of classic (big comfy couch) and organic (tree-trunk coffee tables). And the decor is obvious but understated - a collection of album covers on the primary wall is all we need to communicate the family’s love for music.

We did the same in the foyer with a trends-setting zebra chair and purposeful but unexpected artwork. The bedrooms are all unique, with an accent wall of wallpaper and custom lighting. The family room fireplace is a one-of-kind, floor-to-ceiling work of art balanced beautifully with the wood beams and adjacent backyard. To see photos of the entire house, click here.

And of course, I can’t leave the first-floor powder room out.

There’s nothing I love more than hidden explosions of personality, and one of the best places to do it is in bathrooms. The animal print wallpaper is just a fun, eye-catching and atypical choice that screams coolness. Powder room design doesn’t have to be expressly cohesive with the rest of the house; your options are limitless. It’s a place to explore and go wild - as wild as this cheetah print.

This home is bursting with tasteful and intentional character; every decision was carefully made. The kitchen and primary bedroom didn’t need to be Rock and Roll. We did, however, make sure the bar’s antiqued mirror tile backsplash and dining room chandelier by Kelly Wearstler weren’t your run-of-the-mill selections. The backyard’s beauty speaks for itself; our additions complemented the natural beauty and outdoor entertaining space perfectly. And the second-story landing, though distinctive and quirky, has a life of its own.

Balancing clean, classic design with fun, personal touches is an art. Each person and family has a story to tell, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t start with your home. This family’s story is imminent and obvious from the moment you step through their door. If you’re looking to tell your story through home design as well, let’s talk.

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