Pantone Color(s) of the Year by Shanna Shryne


Move over Marsala....for the first time in the history of color, Pantone has selected two colors.


A softer take on color, these two inspire peace, balance, and tranquility.  According to the brand, they also transcend cultural and gender blurs.

I love the combination of these two colors. The warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue demonstrate an inherent balance. These shades evoke a type of sunset that makes you stop in your tracks.

Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. It is a great color to mix with neutrals and a black and white color palette.

Serenity is weightless and airy, like a blue sky, bringing feelings of relaxation even in turbulent times. It is still a color that is growing on me and I have found the conceptual images below as ways to bring these two color palettes into your home and decor. 

I spy our Marble Oval Table in the shot above! 

atomic number 29 by Shanna Shryne

If silver isn’t your thing and you’re ready to go beyond gold, test your mettle with this metal.

Copper has been historically used for the conduction of heat and electricity, which limited its in-house presence to pipes, pots, and pans. But lately, designers are using this metal to add some shine to furniture, lighting fixtures, and accessories.


The atomic number 29 creates an atmosphere of warmth and chic. Copper colors include many various bright shades and pastel tones. From rich orange, yellowish pinks to soft honey and dark reddish brown colors, these tones create sleek and modern updates to all styles of interiors. 

Copper creates gorgeous contrasts with cold silver and bright golden colors, rustic wood and textured surfaces, painted walls and leather. All shades of copper bring warmth and comfort. Here’s our collection of beautiful interiors and accessories which demonstrate how to add copper accents to a room and give your home a modern edge. 


Decanter & Cocktail Glasses Available Shanna Shryne Design 

Copper Serving Tray Available at Shanna Shryne Design


Tea Light Candle Holder Available at Shanna Shryne Design

Home Tour | Manhattan Beach House by RAC

Not quite traditional, not quite contemporary. This may be the simplest explantation of transitional design. Transitional design can take on a wide range of sub-styles as a result of unique combinations of inspirations and influences. It is a harmonious fusion of elements - a mix of traditional and contemporary furniture, materials, and fabrics. 

Our most recent project in Manhattan Beach is a harmonious fusion of these elements. It's fresh, tailored, and timeless. 

Authentic Moroccan pendants were designed as a strong design element for the high ceilings in this large living space. A stone fireplace and linen wallpaper add natural details. 

Natural elements such as stone, metal, and wood are good choices for transitional kitchen design.

A chevron wallpaper In a natural wood texture was chosen to cover the family room walls. This provides a subtle modern flair and interest in an otherwise traditional styled room. The wood beams were stained a rich and dark espresso which contrast nicely with the white-washed ceiling planks.

When designing a transitional style home, start with a neutral color palette such as taupe, tan, and vanilla. Combining those colors with a dark brown, gray, and black add depth to a room. 

In the dining room, a dramatic chandelier in a modern style was chosen for it’s eye-catching design.  It reflects off the inlaid stone table.  Again, the chevron pattern is carried through out the home, as seen here in the wall tiles surrounding the dining room.  

The master suite was designed for elegance & soft details.  The curved headboard, light fixture and fabric patterns add minimalist accents that are soft and bring a natural effect into the room. 

Modern and clean finishes such as the marble tile & polished nickel fixtures were chosen for a spa-like atmosphere.  

The reiteration of the chevron pattern ties the spaces together. Modern light fixtures add an eye catching design element in this young girls room. 

Map wallpaper was chosen for this world traveling family.  The stately chair with natural hide interior add texture & sophistication.  Again, note the reiteration of the chevron pattern on the tiled floor. 

A cement tile was chosen in place of a traditional area rug.  Custom built-ins provide amble storage for a collection of books and worldly artifacts. 

Transitional Design embraces the combination of modern and traditional. It fuses these styles seamlessly to provide a look to fit many discerning tastes.