Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours Is BACK. by Shanna Shryne

Centuries after naturalists used it to define the colors they saw in the natural world, Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours is back.

Color swatches seem like a modern invention. Yet more than a century before Pantone and standardized paint palettes, there was Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours. And it’s officially been redesigned by Nicholas Rougeux into an online resource for all to use.

Published in 1814 by the painter Patrick Syme and geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner, Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours is a working dictionary aim to illustrate and identify tones found in the natural world. The book is complete with paint swatches accompanied by handwritten descriptions and examples of where a particular color can be found in the wild.


For example, “Greenish Grey” or no. 15 “is ash grey mixed with a little emerald green, a small portion of black and a little lemon yellow.” You can find it on the “quill feathers of a robin” or “bark of ash tree” or “clay slate wacke.”

[ IMAGE SOURCE:  Greys ,  Robin ,  Clay Slate . ]

[ IMAGE SOURCE: Greys, Robin, Clay Slate. ]

“Red Lilac Purple” or no. 43, “is campanula purple, with a considerable portion of snow white and a very little carmine red.” You can find it in “light spots of the upper wings of a peacock butterfly”, red lilac” or “lepidolite.”

[ IMAGE SOURCE:  Purples ,  Butterfly ,  Lilacs ,  Stone  ]

[ IMAGE SOURCE: Purples, Butterfly, Lilacs, Stone ]

“Wax Yellow” or no. 64, “is composed of lemon yellow, reddish brown and a little ash grey.” It can be found in the “larvae of large water beatles”, “semi opal” or the “greenish parts of a nonpareil apple”.

[ SOURCE:  Yellow ,  Opal ,  Apple  ]

[ SOURCE: Yellow, Opal, Apple ]

While Werner's Nomenclature of Colours may seem like a relic of the past and a less than practical way of how color is defined today, there is still something intriguing about its definitions and specifications about the colors that surround us. Have fun exploring the 110 swatches of color here. See if you can find the color that matches the fur of a polar bear or human skin.

And if your feeling really like a design enthusiast, you can also purchase your own pocket-size copy here.

Life In Color by Shanna Shryne

What's your favorite color? I can't decide this season!  I'm LOVING mixing all the colors this SPRING - the EMERALD greens from Palm Leafs, the HOT PINKS from Flamingos, the YELLOWS from Pineapples + Bananas...the brighter the better! 

 I love decorating with crisp bold statement colors. Whether it's a new wall color or as simple as fresh flowers or a colorful book or pillow, adding color to a room is an easy way to update any space. 

I've pulled together my favorite images that has inspired the direction of my showroom and a few ideas on how to add some vibrant splashes into your kitchen, living and outdoor spaces. 

I think a trip to Palm Springs is in order!  - S. 


Need some more ideas? Check out our LIFE IN COLOR BOARD on Pinterest. 


Something not listed? Please contact us at for more details.



What's In My Beach Bag? by Shanna Shryne

I'd like to think I'm what you'd call a Professional Beach Go-er. I've tried and tested just about every beach-centric it's only prudent that I share with you my most coveted beach bag AND it's contents. With less than 90 days until the first day of Summer, it's time to do some shopping and get your butt to the beach (...& for me, also the gym)! Enjoy!

Pantone Color(s) of the Year by Shanna Shryne


Move over Marsala....for the first time in the history of color, Pantone has selected two colors.


A softer take on color, these two inspire peace, balance, and tranquility.  According to the brand, they also transcend cultural and gender blurs.

I love the combination of these two colors. The warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue demonstrate an inherent balance. These shades evoke a type of sunset that makes you stop in your tracks.

Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. It is a great color to mix with neutrals and a black and white color palette.

Serenity is weightless and airy, like a blue sky, bringing feelings of relaxation even in turbulent times. It is still a color that is growing on me and I have found the conceptual images below as ways to bring these two color palettes into your home and decor. 

I spy our Marble Oval Table in the shot above! 

atomic number 29 by Shanna Shryne

If silver isn’t your thing and you’re ready to go beyond gold, test your mettle with this metal.

Copper has been historically used for the conduction of heat and electricity, which limited its in-house presence to pipes, pots, and pans. But lately, designers are using this metal to add some shine to furniture, lighting fixtures, and accessories.


The atomic number 29 creates an atmosphere of warmth and chic. Copper colors include many various bright shades and pastel tones. From rich orange, yellowish pinks to soft honey and dark reddish brown colors, these tones create sleek and modern updates to all styles of interiors. 

Copper creates gorgeous contrasts with cold silver and bright golden colors, rustic wood and textured surfaces, painted walls and leather. All shades of copper bring warmth and comfort. Here’s our collection of beautiful interiors and accessories which demonstrate how to add copper accents to a room and give your home a modern edge. 


Decanter & Cocktail Glasses Available Shanna Shryne Design 

Copper Serving Tray Available at Shanna Shryne Design


Tea Light Candle Holder Available at Shanna Shryne Design

SHAPE UP Your Home by RAC


....pentagons, hexagons, octagons, triangles and more....

We love the idea of incorporating geometric elements into your home. Whether your choose basic shapes like triangles or complex polyhedrons, using these classic shapes in design add a sleek and symmetrical simplicity to any room. 

                Incorporating geometric shapes into interiors can be difficult and can easily overwhelm a space. However, here are a few of my ideas on how to easily include geometric decor and patterns into your home. 


If you want a certain wall or space to pop, a geometric wall is the way to go. Geometric wallpaper and patterns add rhythm and interest to a living space. Whether it's a wall paper, painted wall pattern, or tile, adding a simple geo shape is intriguing and captivating. 


Geometric furniture make an ideal statement for a variety of design styles. While some people prefer to choose pieces of furniture based on comfort and practicality, others may opt for something more visually compelling. Either way, a bright, color geometric furniture piece will be the statement piece of any room. When adding this, keep your walls, flooring, and other decorative elements simple and sleek so the furniture can take center stage. 


Installing new lights are a great way to bring geometry into a room without going shape-crazy. Establishing a geometric motif with a pendant from a high ceiling sets the tone for the entire space. Similar to an angular table lamp which adds a delicate setting to any space. 


Repeating patterns of circles and squares have been used in flooring design for hundreds of years. Whether its an area rug or tile, geometric flooring adds an ornamental statement and a great impression to your space. Here are some ideas of using timeless shapes in our modern world.


Sometimes a little goes a long way with bold geometric patterns. If you are looking for a easy, low-key approach to adding geometric decor, start small. Throw pillows, planters, or hardware updates will step your space up a notch.

The beauty of geometric decor is its versatility and ease of incorporating shapely pieces into your space. Not sure on where to start? Start with a small tray and work your way up! When it comes to shapes, it only takes one to steal the show and become your favorite piece.