SHAPE UP Your Home / by RAC


....pentagons, hexagons, octagons, triangles and more....

We love the idea of incorporating geometric elements into your home. Whether your choose basic shapes like triangles or complex polyhedrons, using these classic shapes in design add a sleek and symmetrical simplicity to any room. 

                Incorporating geometric shapes into interiors can be difficult and can easily overwhelm a space. However, here are a few of my ideas on how to easily include geometric decor and patterns into your home. 


If you want a certain wall or space to pop, a geometric wall is the way to go. Geometric wallpaper and patterns add rhythm and interest to a living space. Whether it's a wall paper, painted wall pattern, or tile, adding a simple geo shape is intriguing and captivating. 


Geometric furniture make an ideal statement for a variety of design styles. While some people prefer to choose pieces of furniture based on comfort and practicality, others may opt for something more visually compelling. Either way, a bright, color geometric furniture piece will be the statement piece of any room. When adding this, keep your walls, flooring, and other decorative elements simple and sleek so the furniture can take center stage. 


Installing new lights are a great way to bring geometry into a room without going shape-crazy. Establishing a geometric motif with a pendant from a high ceiling sets the tone for the entire space. Similar to an angular table lamp which adds a delicate setting to any space. 


Repeating patterns of circles and squares have been used in flooring design for hundreds of years. Whether its an area rug or tile, geometric flooring adds an ornamental statement and a great impression to your space. Here are some ideas of using timeless shapes in our modern world.


Sometimes a little goes a long way with bold geometric patterns. If you are looking for a easy, low-key approach to adding geometric decor, start small. Throw pillows, planters, or hardware updates will step your space up a notch.

The beauty of geometric decor is its versatility and ease of incorporating shapely pieces into your space. Not sure on where to start? Start with a small tray and work your way up! When it comes to shapes, it only takes one to steal the show and become your favorite piece.