Rock & Roll with Shanna Shryne Design / by RAC

At Shanna Shryne Design, our clients often seek our advice about how to reconcile the fun-loving, rockstar tastes of their younger days with the maturity that comes with owning and decorating one’s own home.  For many of us, just because we traded in dorm rooms for mortgages doesn’t mean that memories of rock posters and clashing furniture weren’t some of the best days of our lives.  So we say, rather than suppress and ignore the wild child within you, let love and Rock & Roll live on…through your decor!

This table brings new definition to the term ‘fender bender’…bold enough to indulge your youthful rock roots, yet sleek and classy enough to entertain guests at a sophisticated cocktail party.

Who knew that your grandmother’s antique furniture would totally rock someday? Rebel against standard soft edges and neutral palettes with the dark wood and charcoal colors of this chair and loveseat or banquette bench.

.Hanging up your favorite rock band posters with tacks is now a thing of the past (and we certainly want to keep it that way)…but that doesn’t mean you can’t adorn your walls with some hard-core flavor.  Lend your old, favorite posters some TLC by having them professionally framed, or you can find a more sophisticated painting that echoes the grunge lifestyle of earlier times.

We know that you have probably long since rid your home (and wardrobe) of the flaming skulls and crossing bones that seemed oh-so cool and popular back in your party-days.  But we know that many of you still harbor a strong appreciation for trappings that resemble the Jolly Roger – and why not?  Just because you now check the next box up on the age bracket certainly doesn’t mean you have to ignore this side of your personality altogether.  A subtle, sexy wallpaper like the one featured here is a dark, yet whimsically creative way to show the world that you are still young at heart, but with a sophisticated wild side.

Go bold with a jet-black accent wall, or indulge in a grandiose bedframe.  Chose that one piece of wildly unique yet stunning furniture that will have your room screaming rock-pop royalty!

This month at Shanna Shryne Design, we encourage you to welcome friends and family to your personal jungle.  Roll that stone, open the doors, take a journey, and don’t stop believin’.  Embrace the side of you that still loves to paint it black instead of beige, and we hope others will walk this way right along with you.  Stay tuned for more, and thanks for rockin’ on with Shanna Shryne Design!