‘Natural’ Lighting from Shanna Shryne Design / by RAC

With holiday travels, menus, planning, and celebrating on everyone’s agendas at this time of year, we at Shanna Shryne Design have been keenly aware of just how much inspiration we gather from our natural surroundings.  However, it’s not only pumpkins, autumn leaves and poinsettias that have us looking to nature before selecting memorable pieces.  When working on a recent project involving unique light fixtures, we were especially impressed by some of these stunning replica’s of the natural movement of the elemental forces all around us.  Wind, earth, stone and sea alike come together here to bring a beautiful, effect that brings a whole new meaning to the idea of ‘natural’ lighting.

We were blown away by this stunning ceiling light – nothing makes a powerful, bold statement like a fixture that mimics one of the strongest forces of nature while emitting a soft, warm glow.

For an earthy, natural feeling, we fell in love this outdoor option that literally looks like it sprang from the ground.