How Shanna Shryne Design Likes to Cozy Up a Home For Fall / by RAC

In case you hadn't noticed, we at Shanna Shryne have been theming our blogging and Social Media this month about all things warm, fuzzy and cozy. That’s because we are quite excited for this year's season change...alright,  we are VERY excited, and we at Shanna Shryne Design love nothing more than helping you to bring some of that seasonal cheer home to stay. We understand that schedules are hectic, especially as the holidays approach, and we know that taking the time to implement seasonal decor can often seem daunting.  Here are a few ideas from Shanna Shryne Design about how to make your home seasonally beautiful without too much fuss!

Painting an accent wall is always a lovely, albeit permanent, way to truly spice up the feel of a room.  We can't get enough of the rich, vibrant tone of this saturated orange hue! It will be wildly fitting in October and November, and still provide daring contrast to your summer decor in June and July!  For more temporary accents, adding and trading accent pillows, throw blankets and even rugs with warm hues will have your home feeling like a warm cottage this fall season!

There is nothing like coming home to cozy up with a soft fuzzy blanket and book. We recommend the super-soft and snuggle Adult Throws from Max Daniel Designs. It’s pure delight!

If you are anything like the Shanna Shryne Design team, you can bet that we have the one top shelf or cabinet that is full of vases and odd bowls that we have received as gifts over the years. Well now is the time to bring them out and let then be the stage for displaying autumn leaves, acorns, apples, lemons etc. These arrangements are great for accents around the house.

Potpourri is also a great option for fall home décor! These dried fruits and spices are always a nice touch to any living space, and offer an aromatic treat as well!  To implement one of Shanna Shryne Design's favorite quick fall decorating tips, you don't even need to go further than your own backyard!  Simply use some fresh twigs and leaves combined with any seasonsl fruits, vegetables, cinnamon sticks and cloves.

The fresh chill in the air is always a perfect reason to, literally, fire up that neglected fireplace. A flickering fire instantly adds a cozy, inviting feeling to any home. Shanna Shryne Design recommends centering your various gatherings and parties this year around your beautiful hearth space!

And of course, we cannot forget the best part of the fall season...the delicious treats we get to bake!  Nothing makes a space more warm and inviting than the scent of freshly baked pumpkin pie wafting through every room!

Here’s to another warm and heartfelt fall season, with a little style on the side, from your friends at Shanna Shryne Design.