Holiday Decor for the Modern Home / by RAC

Who says that holiday decor has to be kitchy or garish? At Shanna Shryne Design, we LOVE finding unique, modern alternatives to the classic holiday decorating MUSTS that we look for around this time of year.  After all, not everything has to be red and green!

Mix and match your holiday celebrations with these wooden cutout trees!  These delicate items are ingeniously designed to be environmentally friendly, and blend perfectly with a minimalist decor style.  We love the simplistic nature of the stars which make up the entire tree, and the neutral tone will work in any room.

We love design choices that take a modern approach to classic holiday icons.  This abstract reindeer family is a perfect example of a modern twist on a traditional favorite!  Likewise, this metallic wreath with silver accents is another fantastic alternative.  Choosing dense, rich materials like this can be very festive while still keeping the luxurious tradition of modern design in style!

Sometimes a homemade touch can be exactly what you need.  These classy stockings are elegant and add holiday cheer in a simple, understated fashion. We are very proud to say this fireplace is a Shanna Shryne Design original!

As you can see, there is no need to compromise your home's sleek, elegant design for the sake of the holidays.  There are many alternatives available that will bring your modern sense of style into the holiday arena this year and beyond!  Don't be afraid to experiment with metallics, bright whites, and varying textures - you will be able to create stylish holiday all your own! The 2011 holiday season is almost over, but we at Shanna Shryne Design are looking forward to all the exciting possibilities for next year!