Gorgeous and Unique Ways to Display a Fire, Inside and Out / by RAC

As architecture and design aesthetics have evolved over the decades, of course the defining factors of a ‘traditional fireplace’ have undergone numerous transitions as well. The structurally dense, brick chimney that housed sooty fire logs is a concept of the past these days. Now, that’s not to say those iconic house-warmers don’t still have a place in modern design; in the right home, toasty brick structures can still remain the focal point of a room. However, Shanna Shryne Design loves the new and growing trend of moving your decorative fires out of the hearth and around the house, or even outside! If you’re looking to warm up inside or outside, here are a few of our favorite fire structures, and some recent hearth work by Shanna Shryne Design.

Your fireplace can now not only serve as a central place to gather and warm up, but also as an artistic statement or conversation piece. These round stones are a great alternative to traditional fire logs. Fireplaces like these can be appreciated just for the sheer beauty of the look whether you choose to light them or not!

To give this home a rustic and slightly traditional feeling, Shanna Shryne Design chose a natural stone for the building material and raised the position of this restored mantel to add grandeur to the fireplace. Making minor adjustments like these can add more of a dramatic look to any hearth area, and offers a lovely and updated quality to a traditional brick fireplace concept.

Obviously, fire pits and fireplaces provide heat and warmth, and a great benefit of owning a beautiful fire pit is the ability to extend the spring and fall entertaining seasons by staying warm on those chilly evenings spent outdoors. Even if parties aren’t common in your household, the simple ambiance provided by a fire pit or fireplace can transform a space into something homey and inviting. Fire pits are now available in bright modern shapes and sizes that add an aesthetically pleasing element to any backyard.

We at Shyrne Design wish you and yours a warm start to the holiday season! If you are considering to adding a fireplace or fire pit to an area of you home, Shanna Shryne Design is here help with any of your home or landscape design needs!