Fashion Runway Inspired Home Design / by RAC

With the strikingly beautiful array of fabrics, prints, colors, and textures featured in New York’s Fashion Week earlier this month, we at Shanna Shryne Design have been incredibly inspired by the bold and edgy looks we saw on this year’s runway. We love finding illuminating ideas within other forms of art, and fashion is always a fun place to get inspired.  Shanna Shryne Design believes that just because you can’t actually reupholster your couch with your favorite dress, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home to echo the parts of your personality it reflects!  While we of course oohed and aahed over practically every piece we saw strutting down the runway, Max Azaria took our breath away with a line of youthful, bright, tribal prints for their new Spring 2012 line.  Here are a few ideas how you can take a wardrobe like this from the runway to the doorway of your home!

These dresses above scream wild elegance with their bold splashes of color that play up the black and white details of a garment. To give your home an adventurous and artistic feel, add an eye-catching focal point that portrays the wild abandon we often display with our clothing choices. Use a large bright colored piece of furniture such as the couch, center table, or even daring artwork to draw attention with a statement.

To emulate the striking pattern of this sheer dress in your own home, give your room a geometric makeover by implementing clean corners or painting an accent wall.  Bright but simple accessories such as vases, frames, or rugs add some flair to the intrinsic simplicity of the larger pieces.

If it’s specific color schemes and patterns you envy when admiring designs on the runway, Shyrne Design recommends you reupholster an old chair or buy one from an antique shop then add your favorite patterns and colors with a custom fabric fabric!

Whether you are decorating yourself or you space, clothing pieces and furniture alike are reflections of your style tastes, and there is no reason why those two worlds can’t collide!  Next time you are in the mood to revamp your living room, look no further for telling inspiration than your own closet.  Observe which colors and patterns you tend to select in the department store, and you can easily mimic those favorite wardrobe pieces in your interior décor!