Create A Happy Study Space For Your Kids With Help From Shanna Shryne Design! / by Shanna Shryne

School days are finally back in session, which means parents are also back to their getting-ready-for-school routines with their children. From making sure they brush their teeth, to checking homework and then checking it twice, every parent wants to prepare the little ones for the upcoming school year, and a productive study space is no exception!  Helping them get organized can put kids of all ages on the right track to a successful school year. Creating a space that inspires and is free of distraction is always a good place to start, and it doesn’t hurt to create a space that they will think is cool and look forward to using! Here are a few tips from Shanna Shryne Design about how to create the perfect study space that both you and your kids will love!

Tip 1: Choose Your Spot: Whether it's in a bedroom, family study, kitchen, loft or mudroom...any space works!  Just be mindful of the potential distractions within the space.  It’s a safe bet that your child won’t be as productive in a study space that is directly next to your brand new big screen TV!

Tip 2: Clean & De-clutter: When the chosen space is cluttered or too messy, your child will be less likely to focus entirely on the task at hand.  Try to keep a clean, streamlined décor around your child’s study space!  Minimalistic practices are appropriate when creating this type of environment.

Tip 3: Store & Organize: Make the items your child uses often easy to reach and even easier to put away.  Accessible storage space such as kid friendly drawers and shelves are always a good option!

Tip 4: Accent One Wall: Love the fun wallpaper here! And a small desk space that a creative toddler can use can be wonderfully inspiring. Shanna Shryne Design loves the chalkboard paint on the lower half of this room; it's at just the right height too! Bright, fun stripes and colors go a long way when creating a homework nook that is anything but boring.

Tip 5: Decorating With Shelving & Storage: Whether you have a custom built-in installed in your child’s room or set up floating shelves, your child will have plenty of space to make books or supplies easily accessible.  And the easier it is for little ones to reach books, the more often they will want to!

Tip 6: Personalize & Accessorize: Encourage your children to add touches to their space that truly show off their unique personalities.  They might want a fun polk-a-dot chair like the one shown here, or brightly patterned or printed accessories.  Let their taste do the talking.

Tip 7: Add Fun Extra Details: A colorful chalkboard, bulletin board or dry erase board add color and function! Items like these will help your child stay organized, keep track of due dates and projects and also encourage creativity. Also adding colorful storage bins, crates, or baskets are great ways to keep your child’s school supplies functional but aesthetically pleasing.

Tip 8: Utilize Extra Space: Finally, if you have the extra room space, a dual study area is a wonderful way to encourage your child to spend time in a leaning environment. A room that contains your child’s study area and an office for you, for example, instantly becomes a room where you and your child can be productive together!

For the best tip of all, whatever you do have fun and don't be afraid to use bold colors and bright patterns that will make your children love being in their study nooks.  Remember, even if their decorating taste runs a bit loud, it’s all about setting them up for success!

Happy Back-to-School days from Shanna Shryne Design!