Beach Life | Shanna Shryne Design / by RAC

As Shanna Shryne Design sits a block away from the gorgeous California ocean, it's easy to be influenced by beach styles and colors.  However, whether you are seaside or mountain side, these interior design trends can be incorporated into any home.

The primary method to creating a beach inspired look is starting with the color palette.  Sandy neutrals and aqua blues are the obvious colors, but at Shanna Shryne Design we love to boost these hues with indigo, turquoise, yellow bronze.  Especially with a neutral palette, it’s eye-catching to incorporate a color pop!

Another easy way to obtain this relaxed aesthetic is through your home accessories.  Accessories are the jewelry to your interiors, and can effortlessly complete your style.  Try adding a driftwood tray, beach-rope candle holder or seashell bowl to bring the ocean indoors.

We love the life at the beach, so stop by Shanna Shryne Design for all of these accessories and for many more ideas!