The New Face of Café Bonaparte in Hermosa Beach Inspires Shanna Shryne Design! / by Shanna Shryne

Last week, while sipping coffee and enjoying one of many beautiful days in the South Bay, I found myself inspired by the striking mosaic that now decorates the front of Café Bonaparte in Hermosa Beach. Most locals know that the Café has been undergoing a bit of a makeover for some time, and the exterior aesthetic results have absolutely been worth the wait!

The contrasting black and white tiles may seem basic in color, even to be point of seeming stark, but the pattern in which they have been placed works to lend the building a rich classic and contemporary look all at once. Intricate, eye-catching patterns such as this can easily be incorporated in your own décor to give your surroundings that blend of creativity, structure, or simply a fresh new face! Geometric patterns can be applied to a kitchen by updating a backsplash or, for a less permanent option, choose fabrics in your décor that contain detailed, bold patterns that really create visual feast for the eyes in any room.

We at Shanna Shryne Design love drawing on inspiration from local landmarks, and the new mosaic-style face to Café Bonaparte is not one to miss!