A House in Black / by Shanna Shryne

As interior designers, we love to seek inspiration in all styles, trends, and classic historical aesthetics. Halloween is a great time of year to bring focus on a darker side of design...especially Gothic Style. 

This style dates back to the middle ages and throughout history has proven to be a strong influence in design. Originating in France, this style was built with a purpose and built to last. It spread in the United States and has outlasted the test of time still appearing in many modern day interiors. 

Gothic style is all about the grandeur and drama. It brings ornate lines and dark color schemes which are very popular this time of year. 

By incorporating gothic design touches into modern day spaces, you can bring a unique look without fully committing to this bold style. Dark, textured materials, arches and symmetrical architecture all are ways to execute the medieval aesthetic. 

In the spirit of Halloween, take a look at Shanna Shryne Designs’ favorite Halloween inspired furniture. 

Happy Halloween from Shanna Shryne Design!

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